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The African clients are lured through the competitive pricing of the Drift Tyres product line and the best popularity the organization has construct as a dependable and green provider of excellent merchandise. The capacity to satisfy all client requirements expeditiously and at very competitive costs has been the most important strength of Drift Tyres Est. and has helped the organization advantage a faithful and developing client base in African & European nations. Different customers want one of a kind features and specifications and Drift Tyres , being the competitive stockist of tyres, tubes and batteries withinside the Middle East, permits the clients to gain all his necessities from one source, for that reason saving on time and costs.

3D Wheel Alignment

Off-roading, rough roads, potholes, and bumpy rides may all make things difficult for your vehicle's tyres, causing the alignment of your wheels to be disrupted. Side-pulling, steering wheel vibration, and uneven tyre wear are all symptoms of misaligned tyres. .

Wheel Balancing

We at Drift Tyres are always eager to expand our services in order to provide you with a rapid solution to your imbalanced tires. With the aid of our state-of-the-art balancing equipment for your car tyres, you can always trust on Drift Tyres shop for precise and accurate service.

Tyre Fitment

Tyre fitting is more than simply putting on tyres. It's all about precise and correct tyre placement, taking into account tyre balance and wheel alignment. At Drift Tyres in Dubai, you may get lightning quick tyre fitting services, including wheel balance and alignment, for a low price.

Wheel Care

Wheels and tyres require special care since they are the most mistreated portion of your car and must be cleaned and protected from environmental pollutants. Dressing your tyres to keep them looking new is important for extending the life of the rubber, and we have a number of finishes available, from shining to matte.

Nitrogen Air

Nitrogen is a chemically inactive gas that is non-combustible and non-toxic. At any temperature, an inert gas will not mix with other gases. The deep nature of nitrogen, for starters, aids in retaining the least amount of moisture in the tyres. We are engaged in providing Nitrogen Gas Filling Services in order to maintain our clients' growing interest.

Air Conditioning

A car without air conditioning may be a hot and uncomfortable trip. A properly functioning air conditioning system keeps you and everyone else in the car comfortable and cool all the way to your destination. Maintaining your cool while driving is critical, especially in a place like Dubai, where temperatures may reach 50 degrees Celsius.


It is essential that you get all parts of your braking system tested on a regular basis, especially before a lengthy journey, to ensure that they are constantly performing at their best. We're delighted to examine your brakes and give suggestions for fluid replacements, cable lubrication, and installed brakes.

Oil Change

Oil changes should be performed on a regular basis to ensure that your vehicle is in the finest possible condition. A decent grade oil will keep the moving parts of your automobile cool and lubricated. Dirty and contaminated oil can accumulate over time, causing corrosion and reducing engine life.

Drift Tyres Car Battery Replacement Services - Best Tyre Shop in Dubai
Car Battery Replacement Services

The electrical operations of your automobile, including starting the engine, are dependent on the automotive battery. We have automobile batteries for a variety of cars at Drift Tyres shop. We offer a big selection of car batteries in various sizes and reserve capacities in store.

Car Ac Service

A car without air conditioning may be a hot and uncomfortable trip. A properly functioning air conditioner keeps you and everyone else in the car comfortable and cool while you travel to your destination. It keeps you cool while driving, which is important in a country like Dubai where temperatures may reach 50 degrees Celsius.

Timing Belt Repairs and Cambelt Replacement

Drift Tyres has been delivering quality auto servicing. As an independent company, we only provide the greatest items at the best pricing. Our professionals are capable of performing a broad range of maintenance, including replacing and inspecting one of your engine's most important components: the cambelt.

Drift Tyres 3D-Wheel-Alignment-Best-Tyre-shop-and-wheel-Alignment-services-in-Dubai
Diagnostic Report Service in Dubai

If a warning light on your dashboard flashes, don't ignore it. With Mr Tyre's guidance, make sure you get to the bottom of the matter. The goal of these warning lights and codes is to give drivers a head start on finding a solution before the situation worsens. This is where we can help.

Replace your clutch with a new one.

The clutch is one of the most critical components of your vehicle; it must be in great working order and function smoothly for both safety and performance. However, ordinary wear and tear, age, or high mileage can produce clutch defects, which might risk the vehicle's safety and must be addressed promptly.


A puncture is a frequent car-related problem that occurs when a tyre drives over sharp debris, glass, or nails, piercing the rim of the tyre and causing it to deflate. A tyre puncture, despite its modest size, may have serious repercussions, rendering a vehicle hazardous to drive. If your tyres have been punctured and require puncture repair, go no further than the professionals at Drift Tyres to get you back on the road.

Drift Tyres 3D-Wheel-Alignment-Best-Tyre-shop-and-wheel-Alignment-services-in-Dubai

We provide free, no-obligation exhaust safety checks at every Mr Tyre location. Exhaust systems are essential for eliminating gases from the engine, as well as lowering noise and repurposing unspent gasoline; the better your exhaust system operates, the better your car performs.Repairing Exhaust Systems With our exhaust repair service, keeping your exhaust in good shape is simple.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Our professionals can assist you if you require professional TPMS services. We can not only repair your TPMS sensor, but we can also test your tyre pressure monitoring system in advance of a MOT to ensure it is completely working.TPMS, or tyre pressure monitoring systems, is a method of continuously checking your vehicle's tyre pressure every few seconds.

Mobile van fitment service Puncture service- Drift Tyres Van in Dubai
Van Service

The quickest, friendliest, and most professional method to get your tires changed is through a mobile fitting experience with Drift Tyres, pleasant, and professional staff. Choose from a variety of affordable and premium items to get the best solution for all your vehicle tyre needs, whether it's a windshield replacement, a battery replacement, a single tire change, or a whole replacement set.